Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Random Battleground Finder And Why You Should Care

Soon the Random Battleground Finder will be upon us when patch 3.3.3 is released. Like its predecessor, the Random Dungeon Finder, it will be a huge change to how we experience the game. First a quick recap of its features:
  • The first random battleground you WIN will award an additional 30 honorable kills worth of honor and 25 area points.
  • Any additional wins in a random battleground will award an additional 15 honorable kills worth of honor.
  • A loss in a random battleground will award an additional 5 honorable kills worth of honor.
  • Honor awarded per honorable kill is being increased by 100%
  • Honor awarded by Wintergrasp weekly quests will be reduced by 50%

For all of the upcoming PvP changes read the blue post here.

If you are a hardcore PvP-er then I don’t have to convince you to be excited about this. If however, you are like me and enjoy PvPing occasionally or you are not into PvP at all this is still something to pay attention to. First off the Random Battleground Finder should make getting into a battleground almost instantly. The only thing the system has to do in order to get you into a battleground is have enough Horde and Alliance players queued up and off to your mystery battleground you will go. You might anticipate wait times however if your battlegroup is imbalanced and you play on the more populous faction.

Secondly, you will be gaining honor much more quickly in battlegrounds and those Wintergrasp weekly quests will no longer be so lucrative. Therefore random BGs are where it will be at to gain honor. Now all this is great for just some plain old PvP fun, but for those of us that haven’t really gotten into PvP I have some reasons for you that it might be a very good idea to get some PvP experience and gear in preparation for Cataclysm.
  • Rated Battlegrounds are coming in Cataclysm and the new Random BG Finder is a great way to get some practice in so you can sky rocket in the ratings come expansion time. Besides just gaining general PvP knowledge you can fine tune you strategies in each individual BG. Get to know the best tactics and the terrain for each battleground and you will be wiping the floor with your opponents come Cataclysm.
  • Tol Barad, a Wintergrasp like zone, is coming in Cataclysm. Holding Tol Barad will give you access to a daily quest hub. Don’t be a scrub. Brush up on your PvP skills to help your faction maintain an iron grip on Tol Barad.
  • Even just with honor you can get some really nice PvP gear and if you are like me and have triumph or even frost badges lying around you can also pick up some great PvP gear with those. I mention this because just as Blizz has said that our tier 9 and 10 should be good enough to get us through the first raid of Cataclysm I suspect that with a nice PvP set, that you will soon be able to get more easily with the Random BG finder and increased honor gains, you will do really well in those first few months of the expansion in either Tol Barad or the new battlegrounds we have been promised. All those people in their questing greens and blues won’t stand a chance against you in 1000+ resilience gear.
  • Guild leveling and achievements are coming. You will be able to better contribute to PvP guild achievements and earn more guild experience if you practice being a kick ass PvP-er now.
  • Finally if you are no fun and just want to use the Random BG finder for profit then all that easy honor can be turned into easy gold by purchasing epic gems for 10k honor each.

Since I just need to keep grinding away at those frost badges to improve my PvE gear, I’m too rich to care about selling gems, and I already have heirlooms set aside for my dwarf shaman that I will be rolling come Cataclysm I have recently set my sights on collecting a good PvP set and can’t wait for 3.3.3 to make it a bit easier. So even if you suck at PvP like me take the Random Battleground Finder as an opportunity to brush up on your skills and collect some gear. And if practice doesn’t make perfect and no amount of resilience can keep your squishy self alive, so what, have some fun anyway.

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