Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shared Topic: Starting Over

This week's Shared Topic at Blog Azeroth is starting over. What would you do if you were forced to start WoW over? When I read this question I immediately knew what the answer would be. I would roll a Troll shaman. Rolling and leveling a Troll shaman would be to succeed at alot of things I have failed at in my current WoW career. I have repeatedly tried to roll Horde because I feel like I'm missing half of the game by only playing Alliance, but I have never made it past level 10. I've missed the easy support of my wealthy main and the green text of my beloved guild chat too much to be able to stick with Horde in the past.

I also have attempted to roll a Troll several times because, in my opinion, they are the coolest race in the game. One of the reasons I've never gotten very far on my various Trolls, in addition to the fact that they are Horde, is that Troll females only have one acceptable face and one acceptable hair style. To fix this problem, unless the overlords at Blizzard decide to answer my prayers and introduce new models, I would roll a male Troll. I wonder how my game play experience would change playing a male toon. It probably wouldn't change all that much while out in the world questing or in a PUG, but it would be an exciting/amusing moment when my new guildies first heard my voice over vent. I might become guild famous as the sexually confused Troll :)

Finally, my male Troll would be a shaman. I've never actually played a shaman, for the sole reason that Alliance side only Draenei can be shamans and while I have nothing against space goats in general I just can't stand their darn space totems. They look like something out of a bad science fiction movie and don't embody what I imagine shamanism to be. Trolls and shaman just seem to fit together.

If you have thoughts about what you would do if forced to start WoW over again head over to Blog Azeroth to share your thoughts and read what others have to say.

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