Sunday, March 21, 2010

Travel Azeroth: Teldrassil

Too many of us, myself included, blaze our way through Azeroth zone by zone killing 10 harpies, collecting 15 feathers, delivering mysterious bundles from continent to continent, but do we really know why we are doing what we are doing? I am currently working my way through the Loremaster and The Seeker titles as well as leveling an alt and as I do quests that I have done several times before I find that I don’t really have any idea why exactly those 10 harpies need to die or what in the world we are going to use their feathers for. So hopefully by the time Cataclysm comes out I will have profiled every zone in the game, a bit of a travel guide to the World of Warcraft in the mode of Rick Steves. I will try to provide a little insight into the background and lore of each zone as well as the major story lines that you can participate in through questing. Today I’m going to start with Teldrassil, the very first zone I ever leveled through.

Where: Off the western shore of Kalimdor
Faction: Alliance
Level range: 1-10, night elf starting zone

History: Teldrassil is actually an enormous tree. It is the second World Tree, the first World Tree, Nordrassil, was severely damaged during the Battle of Mount Hyjal, the damage done to this first World Tree robbed the Night Elves of their immortality. In an effort to regain their immortality the Night Elves, lead by Fandral Staghelm planted Nordrassil, but Nozdormu, the leader of the Bronze Dragonflight, refused to bless this tree and thus although the tree grew it did not restore the Night Elves immortality.

Story lines: Adventurers in Teldrassil will come across several quests to kill corrupted beasts, Timberlings, and Furbolgs. There appears to be several sources for corruption spreading through the boughs of Teldrassil, there are hints that the Burning Legion and the Emerald Nightmare have something to do with the spreading taint.

Interesting Quest Chains

Tenaron’s Summons- This quest chain will send you to collect samples of the water of different from different Moonwells, along the way read the quest text and you will learn a bit about the history of the Night Elves and Teldrassil.

Zenn’s Bidding- Begins a small chain where you unwittingly help the antagonist and then make up for your mistake in a rather amusing form of payback.

A Troubling Breeze- This starts a quest chain in which you must acquire relics in order to wake the sleeping druids who are in danger of being slaughtered in their sleep by the Gnarlpine tribe.

Denalen’s Earth- Begins a chain where help Denalen cleanse the corruption of the local Timberling population.

The Temple of the Moon- begins a short, but beautiful little quest line. I won’t spoil it, but be sure to watch for the animation when you finish the chain in The Temple of the Moon.
In the next few days I will be covering a Horde starting zone, although I haven’t decided which one yet.

Disclaimer: I am not a lore expert. I am putting together this guides through a combination of my own experience and a bit of research. This not meant to be a comprehensive guide to either lore or quests, but rather a place to start to get a feel of the role each zone plays in Azeroth.

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