Thursday, April 22, 2010

Adventures in (and out) of Azeroth: Podcast Hunting

Podcasts are a great way to entertain yourself while farming or running that random dungeon that you have done fifty times before. The first podcast I ever listened to was the good old standby, The Instance. Come to think of it, once I got into listening to WoW podcasts I became much more informed not only about WoW in general but about the existence of the wider WoW community. I have since expanded my podcast repertoire, adding and replacing along the way. This week I decided to try some new WoW podcasts and give a little mini review. If they sound interesting head over to Itunes and give them a try.

  • Rawrcast - I realize I'm a bit late to the party on this one. I've heard about it plenty of times before but never checked it out until now. After only 15 minutes into it I realized that I have been missing out. It combines good production value with articulate, knowledgeable, and hilarious hosts. The discussion straddles the line between informative and entertaining perfectly. This is one that will not only be added into my regular listening routine, but I also plan to download back episodes and listen to them. I can't recommend it enough. In a ripoff of The Movielicious I give it a Woot! (this podcast does have an explicit rating, but as far as I can tell it is just for judicious use of expletives)

  • Ctrl Alt WoW - I'm a bit on the fence on this one. The upsides are that it is deliciously long, all their episodes are in the 2 to 2 1/2 hour area and I am of the opinion that longer is better. I also think that the combination of hosts provides a variety of perspectives as a couple of them are hardcore raiders and one is an avid altaholic and multi-boxer who has mastered the leveling game, but doesn't really have a clue about end game. While there was discussion of news items they spent a long time just discussing what they were doing in game. I think that this is a show that you listen to more for the personalities than the content. The fact that I only listened to one episode combined with the sheer amount of hosts that they have makes it so that I feel that I don't really have a firm grasp on what I like or don't like about the hosts. This falls under the category of wait and see. I will stay subscribed for a couple of weeks and sees if it grows on me.

  • CASTaclysm - This podcast, while only 8 episodes old, is enormously entertaining. It focuses on Cataclysm information and speculation. The hosts had me laughing out loud which is always a good sign. Once the beta comes out I predict that this will be great place to hear and discuss all the information coming out of the beta if you are not lucky enough to get a beta key. I will definitely be subscribing and listening to all the back episodes to hold me over until a new one is released.
The above are the new podcasts that I tried out but I'll also give a quick rundown of what was already on my itunes feed in case you want to check them out too. Some are WoW related and some aren't.

  • The Instance - probably the most successful WoW podcast. It's not my favorite anymore, but its still a must listen in my opinion.
  • Call To Auction - a fairly new find for me, this podcast talks about making gold in WoW. Even if your not a gold capping kind of person you can still learn a few things and the hosts are pretty entertaining too.
  • WoW Insider Show - most people are probably aware of the shake up they have had recently. The podcast has definitely gone down in quality since Sacco and Turpster left, but they do seem aware of the problem and are making some changes to improve it. I'm holding out hope that these newest changes will be for the best and haven't dropped them yet.
  • Twisted Nether Blogcast! - I can't express how much I love this show. Great interviews that inspire me to keep blogging + great hosts + wonderfully long = EPIC!
  • Polygamerous - A general gaming podcast. I'm a one game kind of woman but its generally entertaining and fills the void when I run out of podcasts to listen to.
  • The Incredible Podcast of Amazing Awesomeness - Honestly I have no idea what this podcast is supposed to be about and neither do the hosts, but it doesn't matter. I listen to get my fix of Sacco and Turpster. It's good to hear them podcasting again.
  • The Movielicious - A movie review podcast. I actually have no interest in movies at all, but I get very excited when an new episode is put out. It features Turpster, Nichole Spag, and most importantly, Patrick from France. The WoW community misses Patrick but you can get your fix here.
I had such a great time doing this Adventures in Azeroth that I might pick it up again and review some more podcasts in a week or two. Happy listening!

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  1. It was Schramm and Turpster that left not Sacco. Sacco is one of the current hosts, and they seem to have a ton of Mike's so I understand the confusion.