Sunday, April 25, 2010

PvP Shame

Recently I've been working on improving my PvP skills. I've collected a decent set of PvP gear, picked up a dedicated PvP spec, and have been dutifully running my random battlegrounds. Despite my good intentions I am still pretty terrible, but the shameful part is that I know exactly why I suck. It's not lack of gear, knowledge, or practice. It's my own habits that I just can't summon up the effort to change. I do things like keyboard turning (gasp!) and clicking the spells that are part of my normal PvE rotation because I can't be bothered to memorize new key bindings. I also am fond of doing the biggest no-no in all of battlegrounds; fighting in the middle. In the beginning I usually start off playing the battleground correctly, but once it becomes clear that we are going to lose, a frequent occurrence on my battle group, I gleefully run to the middle and see how many people I can kill before I get taken out. I also like running my little squishy self haphazardly into the middle of a crowd and seeing how much destruction I can cause before my suicide mission comes to its natural end. I do this because I am lazy, but the current battleground experience lends itself to this kind of laziness. Unless you are a PvP god I think that most players feel like there is little they can do to actually affect the outcome of the battle. Hopefully Cataclysm and the new rated battlegrounds will fix this. I would love to care as much about my performance in battlegrounds as I care about my performance in raids. In the meantime however I guess I should probably actually try to cap a flag once in awhile, or not.

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