Saturday, April 10, 2010

Save The Trees!

As I am sure you are all aware Blizzard has been offering us previews of class changes coming in Cataclysm and as of today all but the Paladin previews are out. I originally planned to do a post where I expressed my excitement for the changes and criticize all the people needlessly QQ-ing, but then the druid changes happened. The changes, or rather one particular change, actually possessed me to make my first ever post on the official forums. If you are somehow not aware the big news is that they are making Tree of Life form a cooldown ability, something you can only pop once in a while for extra benefits. I encourage you to read the post and Ghostcrawler's subsequent replies but the basic reason they gave for the change is that druids give up too much utility in Tree form to be just as good of healers as other classes. This may be true, but as many posters have stated there are other ways to resolve this problem. They could remove the restrictions the Tree form has or they could provide us with an ability that temporarily allows us to cast any spell in Tree form. I'd even be happy with a minor glyph that allowed us to use the form for cosmetics only.

Ghostcrawler goes on to say that Tree form just doesn't seem to really do anything besides change your art, the buffs it provides to healing can easily be rebalanced and put in other places. My response is, so what? Moonkin form simply provides buffs and changes your art. The same for cat and bear form, a cat is rogue except its not, precisely because it is a cat. Druids are shape shifters. Period. The end. SAVE THE TREES!

If you feel similarly please head over to the forums and post a well written, well thought out, and polite post to encourage Blizzard to change their minds. I promise that this is my last QQ for a while. Next time I'll talk about all the things that were awesome in the class previews.

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