Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shared Topic: Gold Selling

This week's Shared Topic at Blog Azeroth is about raising awareness about account security, hacking, and gold selling. I have never been hacked and I am the proud owner of an authenticator, but I know several guildies who are hacked over and over again. To address this topic I just want to share a little story from my guild chat that took place not too long ago. One of our members, a very nice guy and an officer, brought up the topic of buying gold. He said that he had a friend who would buy gold because he looked at it as a time saver. He wanted to spend time playing the game, not farming for gold. Some guildies agreed that that made sense. While I am usually pretty quite in guild chat I just had to say something. I let anyone who would pay attention know that gold buying is wrong for 3 reasons;

1). It is against the Terms of Service.

2). Accumulating gold is part of the challenge of the game. Buying gold is like using a bot to level, somehow inventing roll hacks, or taking advantage of an exploit that makes the game easier. Plus gold is not hard to get, seriously people, how lazy/stupid can you be?

3). The most important reason not to buy gold is that the gold you are getting BELONGS TO SOMEONE ELSE. Your bought gold was stolen from someone who got thier account hacked, someone whom presumably earned it legitimately.

Aside from this you can get your account banned and then your gold won't do you a lot of good. If getting gold is such a burden then you probably really don't enjoy playing WoW anyway. I'm sorry if this comes off as a bit of a rant, but this topic really makes my blood boil. So the lessons are buy an authenticator and don't buy gold!

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