Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I always have plenty of gold without trying too hard, but I recently stumbled across quite a lot of free money while cleaning out all of my characters' banks and bags. I made over 3,000 gold selling all of the accumulated crap I had collected. Take a look through your bags and bank, especially that of characters you don't play too often, and see what you have hanging around. I found that the best sellers are old world crafting materials, specifically those that you would usually collect in the 30-60 range. I sold rugged leather for 70g a stack and stacks of dreamfoil for 40g. Other things I made a nice profit off of were:
  • elementals; motes, eternals, crystallized, primals, etc
  • low level gems
  • pearls of all kinds used in crafting
  • meat and fish, presumably used by people leveling cooking for alts who can't be bothered to farm it
  • low level cloth
  • recipes
  • items that can be turned in for reputation with various factions
  • Northrend herbs that I never used in my alchemy, to my surprise I was able to sell Talandra's Rose, which I never have a use for, for 40g a stack

Even if you find things that you think are crap wait and see what it is going for on the AH before you toss it. Particularly lower level items can go for surprising amounts of gold as 1) not many people are in that content right now so supply is low and 2) people would rather pay obscene amounts for things their alts need rather than farm it themselves. Even if you don't make the kind of bank I did you'll at least free up some storage space.

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