Sunday, April 18, 2010

Trying Desperately to Hold on to the Nerd Rage

This weekend Blizzard had another developer Twitter chat. Like its previous incarnations it was mostly things we already knew, with a few shiny new tidbits thrown in. One of these tidbits was the news that the new tree cooldown form, which we all know that I have raged against (save the trees!), will be similar to the Ancient models. Now every since I saw these lumbering through Darnassus on my very first toon (a night elf hunter of course) I have been in love with them. Since I started playing a druid and new models were introduced for cat and bear form I have dreamed of the day when I could turn into an Ancient. However I never thought that it would happen and that if trees ever did get new models I would have to be satisfied with significantly less epic models. The lure of turning into a giant ass-kicking Ancient tree is almost, almost, enough to overcome my outrage at removing tree form as a permanent ability. But all I have to do is think about the disappointment I will experience once I have my hands on this epic new tree form and I can't see it in all its glorious awesomeness all the time to rekindle my tree form passion.

So note to Blizzard; I refuse to be bribed by this incredibly awesome, wet dream inducing, drool worthy, new tree form. Instead I demand even more earnestly that you save the trees. After all, if I am fighting for the right to look like a rotting piece of broccoli, just imagine how much more hell I will raise in order to be an awesome Ancient tree.
P.S. Don't worry Ghostcrawler, I still want to have your babies. Now if only you would answer my calls.

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