Thursday, May 27, 2010


I haven’t posted in a while due to real life obligations but now I’m back. I have recently had to kill myself multiple times in order to reset Scourgelord Tyrannus, the last boss in the Pit of Saron due to a bug where if you attack or taunt him before he hits you he goes back up onto Rimfang and proceeds to fly around out of reach while shooting down ice form the sky. This got me thinking about other bugs I’ve experienced in WoW that, while less annoying than this one, are stranger and sometimes hilarious.

Once I was eagerly awaiting the servers to come back up after Tuesday maintenance by continuously attempting to log in. I kept getting stuck at the full loading bar, but after a few tries I was in. I logged into Stormwind, visited the bank, and then was running to the mailbox when without warning my camera started spinning out of control. It whirled around and around in a circle at a high speed. It was really quite nauseating. I tried to stop it by adjusting the camera with my mouse but it didn’t make any difference. I then attempted to ask in Trade chat if anyone else was experiencing this bug when I noticed that none of my keys were working. No matter what I pressed or clicked nothing happened except that my camera continued to spin at a dizzying pace. I ended up having to do a hard shut down of my computer to get out of WoW.

Another memorable bug happened one day at the Argent Tournament grounds. I had finished all that ridiculous jousting and used my hearthstone to send me back to Dalaran. Expect I did not end up in Dalaran. I ended up in the middle of the ocean somewhere and promptly died from exhaustion. I was then sent to the spirit healer in Westfall of all places. My guild had a good laugh over my unplanned adventure and the next time I hearthed I ended up in Dalaran like normal, but I thought that the bug was so bizarre that Blizzard should know about it so I sent in a ticket telling them what happened. I bet you can guess the reply I got back. Yep, the standard please disable your addons. Somehow I don’t think it was my addons that landed me in the middle of the ocean by Westfall.

The final bug of note I experienced quite recently. I logged in and my entire screen was covered with what appeared to be a two dimensional version of Dalaran. I freaked out. I thought my graphics card had broken or something. I couldn't see my character or move. None of my action bars or addons were showing. It was just a giant, flat, and very pink version of Dalaran. I tried logging out and back in, but no luck. However I logged into another character and everything was fine, but as soon as I went back to the warlock all I could see was 2D Dalaran again. Then I noticed that this 2D Dalaran looks an awful lot like a map. I logged out, disabled sexy map and, voila! Strangely once I enabled it again I didn't have anymore problems, but it was certainly a memorable and very alarming bug.

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