Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My 25 Favorite Virtual Possessions

Over at Blog Azeroth this week's Shared Topic is to create a top 25 list of some kind. So without further ado...

My 25 Favorite WoW Possessions

25. Fantasy Portrait - You can pick this up by completing the fishing daily. It's a Pandaren monk picture. Looks like Blizzard is telling you to keep dreaming about that playable Pandaren race.

24. Faded Photograph - Apparently this is some sort of reference to the Legend of Zelda, but I know nothing about that. I just love having a picture of gnomes in my virtual pocket.

23. Silver Covenant Hippogryph -This is one of the few Hippogryphs in the game and it is just plain gorgeous.

22. The Frostwolf Artichoke- Great for two reasons; 1) it actually gives the strategy for winning Alterac Valley (no, the answer is not zerg) and 2) provides tasty suggestions for consuming artichokes.
21.Arthas' Gold Coin - "Already, I've a kingdom in my prospects, a land to rule What to ask for? Perhaps a frozen scone..." Win!

20.Unusual Compass- because I like the unusual.

19. Firemane Leggings - The sluttiest pants in game, a must for every Night Elf bank alt.

18.Blue Drake- The only good thing I ever got from Oculus

17. Kel'Thuzad's Gold Coin- "Sometimes...I wish someone would come along and just give me a big, long hug." I loled irl.

16. Strand Crawler - My own personal Ghostcrawler. Isn't he cute!

15.For the Light! - A bit of lore for my very own.

14.Mirren's Drinking Hat - WoW's equivalent of a beer hat.

13. Core Hound Pup - I never actually take this pet out, but the authenticator that it represents is priceless.

12. Give to the Church and The Light Will Provide - Who doesn't enjoy a little shameless brainwashing?

11.Blue Qiraji Battle Tank - These things are so cool its a shame you can't ride them outside of AQ. As a side note, getting the various colors is a great way to knock out a few mounts for the mount achievements if you can get a few friends together. In my experience they drop quite frequently.

10.Romantic Picnic Basket - Great for setting the mood in outdoor raids.

9.Mr. Pinchy - One of my favorite pets simply because I enjoy bragging that I fished him up in less than 20 mins of trying (ya, I know, you hate me). Good luck to the rest of you!

8.Steamy Romance Novels - I paid obscene amounts of gold to get my hands on all of them. Don't judge me!

7.Exotic Cookbook- Great if you are thinking about getting into cannibalism.

6. Quel'Delar - my trusty sword, which I won with an epic roll of 42! Both the weapon and the quest chain to get it are epic.

5. Frosty Flying Carpet - I doubt my warlock will ever use another mount. You just can't get better than a gnome on a flying carpet.

4. Sea Turtle - Another great reason to hate me; I got this on the first day it was available and I wasn't even trying to get it.

3. Plump Turkey - My favorite thing to do while waiting for buffs in a raid is to pull this guy out, build a basic campfire, and watch as he throws himself into the fire, all for my enjoyment.

2. Familiar Kirin Tor - I love this little guy, he was a pain to get but not many people have him and I get quite a few questions about him. Plus, the fact that he is taller than my gnome self amuses me.

1. Deed to the Thandol Span - You know that broken bridge? Ya I own it. Best 1 gold I ever spent.

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