Thursday, August 5, 2010

Making Gold for the AH Impaired

As we gear up for a new expansion many people are squirreling away a gold supply in preparation for whatever gold sink the developers throw our way, or just to ensure you can pick up the fanciest, shiniest, new things in the expansion right away. Playing the Auction House has become quite an elaborate mini game for many, and even a majority of the fun of WoW for some. I enjoy the game of gold making quite a bit myself, but I know that many of you just don’t have the time or interest in seriously playing the auction house for maximum profit. For you I offer some ideas for picking up some pre-Cataclysm gold that anyone can do without any special knowledge of markets and the Auction House. Many of these methods I’ve paired with achievements to keep things fun.

Turtles All the Way Down – I just recently picked up this achievement myself, and along with my shiny turtle mount I also easily netted over 1,000g. The elusive turtle has a very small chance to be caught in pools of fish in Northrend. Even if you have never fished before you can do this because you will never catch junk when fishing from a pool. In order to better locate these pools its best you go get Fish Don’t Leave Footprints first. Generally the most profitable fish are Glacial Salmon and Dragonfin Angelfish so these are the pools you should be fishing in. Selling your catch until you find that adorable turtle mount will earn you a tidy sum.

The Argent Tournament – Remember that place in Icecrown, with the ponies and the jousting where all of your server was everyday 2 patches ago? Well get your butt back there. If you aren’t a Crusader, get working on it. If you are a Crusader, go do your dailies. The plethora of dailies in close proximity, plus the option to choose more gold as a reward for some quests make this an easy and garunteed way to pad your bank account. Additionally you will be earning all those Argent Crusades badges which you can either turn into gold by buying the pets and selling them or pick up things like the argent pony, heirlooms, and mounts if you want.

The Soul-Crushing Grind – If you are prone to psychological self mutilation go farm up one of those ridiculously rare companion pets and sell it. While this can be mind numbing it’s not too bad if you are watching T.V. or listening to a podcast. Prices will vary widely but some very rare pets that sell for big bucks are the Captured Firefly, Hyacinth Macaw, Disgusting Oozeling, and the various Whelplings.

Loremaster of Northrend – If you have a lot of unfinished quests in Northrend you might want to go back and finish those up. I could give you a huge list of nerdy reasons why you should be a quest completionist, but I’ll just stick with the one; it’s a gold mine. Let’s do some rough math for a second looking at only the Icecrown zone. In order to earn Icecrown: The Final Goal you must complete 140 quests. We’ll say that each of these quest reward 13 gold at level 80. 140 x 13 = 1820. Then let’s just guess that half of these quests also give an item of gear as a reward. The vendor price of these gear rewards varies, but I’ll assign it a conservative average of 10g each. 70 x 10 = 700. That’s an estimate of about 2500 gold from the zone of Icecrown alone! Add to that quests in other Northrend zones and any herbs, ore, gems, or leather you gather along the way and you’re looking at a very nice chunk of change.

P. U. G. –ing – That’s right, I said pugging. Running random heroics, especially at the breakneck speed a well geared group will run them these days can earn a nice sum of gold. Obviously tanks or healers can just chain them. Dps-ers can sit in the queue while you work on one of the other gold making strategies above. Running your first random of the day will get you 26g and 2 frost badges, all additional dungeons that day will earn 13 gold and 2 triumph badges. The gold for completing the dungeons can add up quickly especially if have tank or healer queues. The disenchanted mats, or vendor price if you’re unlucky, will add to your gold gain. Add in vender junk and any leather, cloth, herbs, or ore you gather and the gold per hour starts to look pretty nice. On top of that you will accumulate a slew of badges, and assuming you don’t need the gear, those badges can be turned into heirlooms and or epic gems to sell.

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