Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Random Pimpage

(As always, screenshot unrelated)

Today I want to draw your attention to two awesome, yet not really related things. The first is the awesome videos of Jesse Cox, or OMFGCATA, over on Youtube. He makes great Cataclysm beta videos with real time voice overs that are laugh out loud hilarious. He real life job is that of a voice actor and it shows in the voices he provides for the characters. He has a series on the beginning worgen, goblin, troll, and gnome starting areas, and he is currently filming his way through all of Mount Hyjal. Other videos of note include the "Don Quoixte" quests in Un'goro, Garrosh's "You are Dismissed" storyline, and of course the most bad ass quest of all time, Punching Deathwing in the Face! He also posts mash-ups of random requests he receives. Unless you are some sort of anti-spoiler goof-ball, go subscribe!

The second pimpage I have today is an addon called GupPet. It's a simple addon that calls and randomizes (if you want) your mounts and non-combat pets. When you first set it up a button will come up that you can click to call mounts/pets, unfortunately its hideous. However you can turn the button off and easily bind call/dismiss pet or mount to a key. In the mount pane you can choose which mounts you want it to use and which ones you never want to see again (I'm looking at you felsteed). If you really want to get into it you can select which mount or mounts you want to use for cities, battlegrounds, or zones. When you press the key you bound mount to it will automatically call an appropriate mount; flying mount if you can fly, ground mount if you can't, and even the turtle mount if you have it and are in water.

Non-combat pets have a similar functionality. I choose which pets I want to use and which ones I don't and it will automatically call me a pet whenever I don't have one out, no button required. This is the feature I got this addon for as it's a shame to spend all the time and gold collecting pets that you never bring out. You can choose how long you want a pet out before calling a new one, and set limits on pet calling for when you are in a raid or battleground.

This addon also comes with a great little feature called "Collect Me" for both mounts and pets. In the Collect Me tab of the interface it shows all the pets or mounts you haven't collected yet. There is even a filter option off to the side so you can hide pets or mounts that are no longer attainable, require loot cards, require pvp, etc. The absolute best feature however is that when you mouse over a vender that sells a pet or mount, or a creature that has a chance to drop a pet or mount, it will display it on the tooltip. There have been several times since I've installed this addon that I've discovered a vendor or creature that dropped a pet that I would have had no idea about if it wasn't for the addition to the tooltip. The only downside is that I now feel compelled to kill any whelpings or oozelings I ride by, convinced that this time they will drop their damn pets.

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