Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Millionaire To Be: Assignment 1

As promised I am going to attempt to help those of you who are interested into getting into the mini-game of gold making and Auction House pvp. The approach that I am taking to this is to get you started on the right path so that when Cataclysm launches you can truly begin to rake in the gold. This is not to say that you cannot start now, but as the expansion winds down it is more difficult for everyone, even AH masters, to make gold so I want to lay the ground work in the weeks/months leading up to Cataclysm to get you prepared to be rolling in it later.

Your assignment for this week is to get a bank alt and a guild bank. If you already have both of these things then good for you, come back next week. Are you gone? Good. I cannot stress enough the importance of having a bank alt with a guild bank. Buying, posting, and storing all of your items in one place will greatly increase your efficiency. First things first, what class is your bank alt going to be? Some things to consider;
  • for the widest variety of fashion choices a dk is best as he/she can wear a wider level range of items and can wear all armor classifications
  • If you are willing to level your bank toon a bit Shaman, hunters, mages, and druids all have low level abilities to help you run from the AH, bank, and mailbox faster (ghost wolf, aspect of the cheetah, blink, and travel form)
  • While you can certainly get your low level toon to any major city with death runs or ports, you might want to consider dwarf, gnome, or human simply because of the proximity to the best cities to park your bank toon in.
  • When naming your bank toon you might want to avoid naming it something that can easily be identified with your main characters, as you generally don't want your bank toon's AH reputation mixing with your raiding reputation.
Once you have your bank toon made you need to get a guild for it. Even if you cannot afford to purchase the bank slots right now, still make your guild right away as I predict it will get even harder to get guild signatures once guilds become a much bigger deal in Cataclysm. Go to the starting areas or the major cities and advertise for guild charter signatures. Make it clear that this is your own personal bank and that people will be removed once the guild is formed. Between 5 and 10 gold is typical to offer for a character signature, but the more you offer the faster you can get it done.

Next get bags for you bank toon, including their personal banks (frostweave if you can afford it, netherweave if you can't) and purchase as many guild tabs as you need/can afford. Finally we get to the best part of a bank alt, fashion! Didn't you know that the cooler you look the more gold you make? If you really want to get into customizing your bank toon a quick google search for bank alt fashions will show you what items others like for looking stylish. The final step for this week is to mail all the items currently on your other toons that you plan on selling or storing long-term to your bank alt. Then mail the majority of your gold to the bank alt, leaving each character enough to cover their normal expenses of course, and you are set. Come back next week for assignment 2.

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