Monday, September 27, 2010


Fear not, I'm still steadily working on some gold guides for the aspiring Auction House mastermind, but I just had to share my new favorite addon, Ackis Recipe List. This is an example of an addon that does one thing, and does is beautifully. Ackis Recipe List will scan your professions and generate a list of recipes that you have not yet learned. It sorts those unknown recipes by either the zone they are obtainable in, or the way you obtain them; drop, vendor, trainer, reputation, etc. It will even provide coordinates. And for those of you who do all your shopping on an Auction House alt, you can view the professions of all of your toons that the addon is enabled for.

A word of warning however, for the completionist super nerds (like me) this addon could cause some unhealthy obsession. Imagine my dismay when I discovered that I only knew about 60% of the available recipes of both my main's professions. There used to be a famous enchanter on my server who had every single enchanting recipe in the game. That feat, combined with his catchy advertising slogan, made him the most famous person on my server. He has since left, but he inspired in me the notion that it would be very satisfying to have my professions 100% complete. However I've never put this plan into action 1) because it would be hard to figure out which recipes I was missing (a problem which this addon solved) and 2) because there was no real reward for doing so. If there was just 10 achievement points at stake for 100% profession completion I would so do it. The beauty and the problem with Ackis Recipe List is that it gives you a nice little bar showing your recipe collection progress, and as evidenced by my ridiculous reputation grinding, I can't resist filling up a bar. So if you are looking for an excuse to never go outside again, pick up Ackis Recipe List.

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