Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Its The Little Things

(Also... Ulduar is awesome.)

So patch 4.0.1 hit me like a ton of bricks last night. My addons are broken, I have to relearn my key bindings, being near the fancy new water causes me to literally see double, and I have to fight the loading screen boss every time I log. But instead of bitching I want to talk about the tiny little changes that made me smile.

  • The character selection screen now has animations. Scared the crap out of the first time I saw it it, but a very nice addition.
  • Druid herb picking appears fixed. It used to be that often even if you were right next to the ground when you tried to pick an herb it would say you can't do that while flying. After about 10 laps around Sholazar I haven't had that problem once.
  • Earthquakes! Earthquakes are everywhere. It makes me giggle with excitement every time.
  • My minions now have a special fly-out menu. Its fancy.
  • You can now track more than one thing on your minimap at a time. It is awesome sauce.
  • When you talk to a flight master the map that comes up is now bigger. I don't have to go grab my bifocals when trying to pick a flight point anymore.
  • The guild interface is sexy. Seriously, its so sexy its almost inappropriate.
  • Reforging. Technically this isn't a little thing but I originally wasn't very interested in it. Turns out that it was very useful for reaching the new hit cap. It is a much better idea than I thought.

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