Monday, October 25, 2010

Millionare To Be: Go Forth and Conquer!

This is the last in my short series about how to prepare to become an Auction House master for Cataclysm. We have covered bank alts, proffessions, identifying markets, and buying and selling. My last bit of advice is two-fold. First I want to address addons. In my opinion the only addon you need is a good inventory management addon. Arkinventory is my preferance. However most auctioneers will disagree with me and make use of things like Quick Auctions, Postal, Auctioneer, Auctionator, and many more. These are great addons that can automate your buying and selling process and provide you with great information, however you can easily be fooled. It is actually a gold making strategy to post items for ridicously high prices in order to distort other people's Auctioneer values then lower the price which some sucker will snap up thinking its a great deal because Auctioneer told them so. The only other thing that I will say is that it doesn't matter what the price is historically, it matters what the price is now and if you don't understand this addons can sometimes lead you astray. With all that said, if you are a person who likes addons by all means go ahead and experiment. Just be sure that you understand what the addon is telling you and avoid potential pitfalls by being overly reliant upon them. If you want to know what addons to use or how to configure them go visist Marcko at Just My Two Copper, and take a look at his posts. This leads me to my second point...Read! While at JMTC read the posts, read old posts, read the forums, visit the sites on his gold blog roll. Read constently. While you can pick up great practical tips to try yourself (although with the expansion on the horizon many may be out of date) the most important part isn't the specific tips, but to learn how an Auction House master thinks. Once you understand the mentality you'll be sending in your own gold making tips in no time. Good luck and good profits!

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