Friday, October 1, 2010

Shopping Spree

I have a dirty secret. My bank is full of items for all the new Cataclysm characters which I plan to sell at absolutely outrageous prices to meet the enormous demand of new levelers. But don't worry, I'll take everyone else's gold and tell you how to avoid getting gouged by people like me. The answer is simple; buy now. For the most part its a buyers market out there and most things that alts need for leveling and professions will skyrocket along with demand come Cataclysm. Depending on how committed you are to a good bargain you can do this several ways. You can just buy out any reasonably priced item you will need for your planned alts, items that you think will rise in price once the expansion releases or you can do what I do and make use of bidding. I will never understand people who list a stack of gems for 30g buyout but 50 silver starting bid, but people do it and you can take advantage. If you are not using an Auction House addon that finds bargains for you just follow this two step process. First search for the items you want and sort by lowest bid. Bid on anything which would be a steal should you win the auction. Second sort by time left on auction. I go through all auctions labeled short and medium because it is likely that you will win these auctions. I bid everyday but the best times to do this is on Monday night because many auctions will expire over maintenance day, allowing you to win the auction without competition, or Sunday night. Sunday night is good because the high volume of weekend players will mean more auctions, which will be expiring as the weekend comes to a close. Here are some things to pick up for your new alts.
  • Bags - every character needs bags and these will undoubtedly rise in price once the expansion comes out.
  • Profession Bags - if you want a Mammoth Mining Bag or the like keep an eye out and you can usually find someone dumping some of these profession bags for cheap.
  • Enchants - Pick up scrolls for any heirlooms that your new characters will have, alternatively you can keep an eye out for cheap mats and have a friend create them for free.
  • Profession Leveling Mats - this is the biggest one. If you already know what professions your toon will have, look up a profession leveling guide and look for bargains on the mats you will need to level from at least 1-300. It may be that the exact details of the leveling guide will be out of date with the changes to professions, but it will still be well worth it. Even if you are planning on taking a complementary gathering and crafting profession its still worth it to look for materials because nodes will likely have fierce competition with all the levelers (not to mention high level characters farming for their alts with 310% flying) and the worst thing that happens is you have extra materials which you can resell, in all likelihood for more than you paid for them.

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