Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Get it Now!

Mount collectors everywhere are frantically farming Zul Gurub for a last chance at the coveted Tiger and Raptor mounts, but there are a few other mounts while not officially going away (at least not that I’ve heard) will become either much harder or much more annoying to get once Cataclysm comes.

The Blue Drake

This is the one mount that I suspect will in fact become impossible to obtain, but not because it will be technically removed from the game. The Blue Drake is a reward from the extra bag of goodies that you receive from completing Heroic Oculus. However you only get this bag and a chance at the mount if you are RANDOMED into Oculus. You do not get the bag if you enter the instance through the physical portal or if you select Oculus in the dungeon finder, it must be completely random. Considering that I cannot queue for a random BC heroic, I don’t expect that you will be able to queue for a random Wrath heroic, and thus the Blue Drake will become unobtainable. The only way to farm this mount is to queue for random heroics over and over again until you get Oculus. Wowhead lists the drop rate at 5%, but in my personal experience it doesn’t seem quite that rare.

The Blue Protodrake

This has a very small chance of dropping from Skadi the Ruthless in Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle. Depending upon stat inflation in Cataclysm and your class you might very well be able to solo this on heroic at 85, but if you are a clothie your best bet might be queuing for Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle everyday and crossing your fingers.

The Black Drake (10) and The Twilight Drake (25)

While at 85 you will probably be able to down Sarth 3D with fewer than 10 people, getting a group together maybe difficult and this seems like a mount that might be at risk for removal although there is no official word. With ICC gear Sarth 3D is very doable, but I would still recommend going with a guild group and avoid pugs.

The Polar Bear

White This mount is the bane of my existence. While this mount will still have the same 1% drop rate from the bag rewarded by the crazy blue ladies’ daily quest after Cataclysm, if I don’t get it now I don’t see myself going back to Northrend every day to get a shot at it.

Argent Tournament Mounts

Like the White Polar Bear nothing is really changing to make this more difficult to obtain except for the fact that post Cataclysm you are unlikely to want to spend your time doing Wrath dailies on a continent you never visit anymore. Besides most people are searching for something to do in Wrath’s closing weeks and the ample gold the Argent quests reward doesn’t hurt either.

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