Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Final Checklist

Here is my final checklist for Cataclysm. I am not going for a server first, but I do want to do some efficient leveling. Your mileage may vary depending on class/spec, leveling goals, wealth, or just how much of a planner you are.


Do as many of the daily cooking quests on as many characters as possible to provide recipes and meat for my main cook.

Have Wrath materials for the first few skill ups. Park my characters next to profession trainers so that I don’t forget to train professions in my excitement.

Obtain relevant enchants. Gatherer Angler Leather Herbing Gloves

To Pack

These are merely suggestions and all items, depending on your class/spec , professions, or play style certainly will not apply to everyone.

*denotes items that will give a few skill ups. If you have this profession you might wish to have the materials on hand and wait to craft them.


Runic Mana Potions

Runic Health Potions

Situational Potions (I’ll be taking Wild Magic)

Heavy Frostweave Bandages

New food and water

Buff Food

Fish Feasts* (Great if you plan on doing dungeons, worth it even if you don’t to get a few cooking skill ups, even if you end up eating the feast yourself.)

Drums of Forgotten Kings*

Runescrolls of Fortitude*

Your fishing outfit plus lures if you plan on doing a bit of fishing for leveling or profit.

Any relevant reagents

Bots/mailboxes if you are an engineer

Herb/skin/ore bag if you will be gathering a lot.

Enchanting rod/skinning knife/mining pick/etc…it would be bad if you accidently forgot these things in your bank.


Final Bank/Bag clean out

Organize bank alt’s guild bank tabs

Post auctions the night before for levelers/rerollers

Clean out quest log

Clean out mailboxes

Finish any crafting of items you are planning on selling (I’m looking at you damn netherweave bags)

Complete 25 dailies if you are hardcore like that.

Respec/Reglyph – it might be advantageous to take a look at your spec and move a few points around to form a more leveling oriented build rather than a raiding build. Glyphs are also a great thing to change when going from raiding to leveling.

Put all of the consumables I’ve packed on my bars so that I don’t forget that I have them.

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