Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kill 50,000 Rats

I once heard on a podcast, the specific one escapes me, that if there was a quest to throw a sack of kittens off a cliff players would gleefully do it if it rewarded a companion pet. Critter Kill Sqad, the guild achievement which awards the Armadillo is proof of just how true that is. I have never killed a critter for amusement before. . . I’m up to about 20,000 now. In the spirit of mercilessly slaughtering critters in the name of cuddly pets I’ve got a few great tips for you.

Cheesing It

The only thing that keeps this achievement within reach in a short amount of time is that if you are in a group with guildies and near each other each guildie will count towards the achievement. So if you have 5 guildies in a party within close proximity to each other 1 dead squirrel will count for 5 critters killed towards the achievement.

Instant Respawn=Win

The best place that I have found to kill critters is the Ironforge side of the Deeprun Tram. The respawn here is instant. For maximum rat pwnage positioning is important. In the above picture I am standing in the best spot that I have found. It is on the far platform of the tram, slightly to the right of center as you face the entrance and about one floor tile away from the wall. I found that this spot allows you to hit all 3 spawn points and almost never will cause you to be out of line of sight. If you recruit guildies into helping, as you should, you can have them on the other side or on the middle platform, or just afk if they are lazy, as every guildie present makes for more kills.

Macro-ing for Success

I’m useless with macros, but even I can make a macro for this. Before you make your macro you will need to consider what spell to use. The best spell to use is one that is instant cast, on no cooldown, not a DoT, and costs as little mana, if applicable, as possible. As a warlock I used Fel Flame. The reason a DoT is not ideal is that your macro won’t switch to a new target until the DoT actually ticks and kills your target, making it a bit slower. You can also just have your pet attack them, although this will be a bit slower as you have to wait until your pet can run to the target. My macro looks like this:

/tar Deeprun Rat

/cast Fel Flame

Just insert the name of the spell you will be using or /petattack if you are going that route. Wanding, throwing, or auto-shotting are also good choices for a spell if you are unfortunate enough not to be a warlock. If you are a mana user bring drinks, but once again this only applies to our non-warlock friends (lifetap ftw). The only thing left to do is guilt your guildies into coming and find a good TV show to watch as you spam your macro. Using this method, with me as the main rat killer and anywhere from 1 to 6 other guildies in the group at various times, we managed to earn 20,000 kills towards the achievement in an hour.

Other Places

I also tested two other locations suggested by wowhead commentors. The respawn rate is very good but both areas have a variety of kinds of critters, thus preventing a targeting macro, and require me to aoe, which ran me out of mana so fast that it wasn’t very efficient. However I suspect that these places might be very good for other classes, mages and priests in particular, who have an instant aoe that can be used on the move.

Zul Gurub – Coordinates 83, 35. No longer a raid, a variety of snakes here have instant respawn.

Eastern Plaguelands Cave – Coordinates 4,36. All sort of critters line this cave and the entire cave respawns within a couple minutes. Especially if you have a group of guildies this place could rack up the kills quite easily.

The best part of all of these places; the critters are gross creepy crawlies, not cute, fluffy bunnies so there is no guilt involved.

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